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Known bugs

  • When you first change an input, the video sometimes is grey. For now just re-choose the input and the palette will correct itself. This apparently also happens on startup on NTSC hardware.
  • I2C client handling should _really_ be much better: Find the chips when /dev/video or /dev/radio is opened, and this time do it thoroughly! Lock the chip drivers when they are found, and release them when /dev/video or /dev/radio is closed.
  • Does not work if i2c-algo-bit.o is loaded with bit_test=1
  • Capture isn't interrupt-driven yet.
  • Audio control for the video device isn't implemented.
  • Muting is broken in the radio device.
  • Doesn't like XFree version 4

ToDo (recent additions)

Mostly taken from register dump after win98 was running.
  • Make radio tuning work correctly on both NTSC and PAL hardware.
  • Examine register dump after running win98, and see what's useful for us.
  • Check, that Chipset init doesn't interfere with I2C and DDC drivers.
  • Tristate unused lines.
  • Reset VMI on load, release reset on device open.
  • Try changing pixel buffer refill thresholds to 16.
  • Win98 drivers set VMI address to 3, what's that???
  • DTACK_N/RDY=1 when video input acivates.
  • Try weave de-interlacing (and BOB too).
  • Win98 seems to use Chrontel TV-out interface, maybe not initialized?
  • vsync in is active low in Win98
  • GPIO[1] should probably be set to 0.
  • Video in decimation. Dest size=806,364
  • Error size 768,304 (taken from Win98???)
  • Win98 uses only double buffering, screws up triple buffering?
  • Video in stride should be 0x600, adjust triple buffers accordingly.

ToDo (long-term plans)

  • Implement weave and bob deinterlacing.
  • Automagic loading of the necessary modules. ``modprobe 3tv'' should be enough.
  • Automatic video norm detection and change monitoring, when "AUTO" is selected.
  • Spinlocks for SMP systems.
  • Use atomic operations for device busy detection.
  • Videotext
  • Make it use the "standard" i2c-voodoo3 driver for I2C operation.
  • Reset the video processor when the screen resolution changes.
  • Make the overlay window scroll correctly if virtual resolution is bigger than the real resolution.
  • V4L2 support.