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Q: Why doesn't audio mute work with xawtv?

A: You need to specify the mixer device and control in the ~/.xawtv resource file. In the global section, add 'mixer = /dev/mixer1:vol' or mixer2 if there is a second sound card present. You may need to add entries in /dev on exotic installations.

With the ALSA snd-tvmixer, the oss mixer needs to be mapped to an ALSA mixer control. A line like this in /etc/modules.conf will do it:

post-install snd-tvmixer echo 'VOLUME "Master Playback Volume" 0'\
                    > /proc/asound/cardX/oss_mixer

Q: Then, how do I control the TV volume?

A: If everything is set up right, then the snd-tvmixer device can be controlled by xawtv.

A: hotkeys has been known to work.

Q: What does the ddc=0 insmod parameter do?

A: It disables the ddc interface on your Voodoo3 card. This will avoid the (rather long) timeout if you don't have a ddc monitor connected.

Q: Now the colors are all wrong. They look like Barney guts.

A: This is a strange phenomenon that sometimes occurs. The only known fix is the MS-Windows way. Reboot.

Q: The cursor gets garbled and/or the video window does not work properly with XFree 4.0.1

A: XFree version 4.x allocates video memory differently than the old 3.3.6. Put the following options into your XF86Config file:

        VideoRam     11484
        Option       "SWcursor"