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About V3TV

The V3TV project is a set of drivers to support TV-IN on the Voodoo 3 3500 video cards from 3dfx. A lot of useful information can be had from 3dfxzone.it

Note that these drivers do NOT work with any other video cards, not even the Voodoo3 3000 TV-out. TV-out is supported by the bt869 driver.

The driver currently runs on the 2.6 kernel. If you are the lucky owner of such a video card, then go directly to the install section and make you computer into a TV. ( 2.2 support is depracated, some version in cvs should work, and 2.4 support has been abandoned for the time being due to a lack of time. )

The project was initially started by Greg Greenaae back in march 2000. But in just a few weeks Juha Valkama created a useable set of drivers on which the current driver set is based. Through 2002 the drivers were maintained mostly by Joergen Pihlflyckt.

In December 2003, Perry Gilfillan started work to bring the drivers in line with the latest I2C drivers. The 2.6 kernel is now supported, and further work on v4l2 will follow.

Join development

As the drivers are not done yet, you are more than welcome to join the project by subscribing to the project mail list.


  • Greg Greenaae -- Project creator
  • Juha Valkama -- Author of the first set of drivers.
  • Joergen Pihlflyckt -- A lot of bug fixes and additions.
  • Lars Munch -- Webpage and some bug fixes
  • Tolya Borisenkov -- Optimize for new lm_sensors and 2.4.x (2.4.20) kernel version.
  • Perry Gilfillan (perrye@gilfillan.org) -- I2C 2.8.x API compatibility.
    I2C 2.8 api, V4L2 radio support.
    TODO: Capture, Teletext, V4L2 video support.