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NOTICE: It has been decided by the 2.6 kernel maintainer that the v4l1 api will be deprecated and removed by the end of the year. So the last mailline kernel to support the V3TV driver may be 2.6.16 or 17. I'm lining up some assitance to get the video device portted to the v4l2 api by that time.

NOTICE: Development on the 2.4 kernel is basically abandoned, since I have not had time to follow the developments of both trees.

May 20, 2004 : There is now a version of the v3tv driver for the 2.6 kernel. Visit the v3tv-v4l2 page for details.

February 2004 : Sometime in Febraury I started on a version of the tvmixer for ALSA. There are several versions to pick from, depending on if you use a stable release, cvs, or the 2.6 kernel.

January 22, 2004 : The vpx3224 module has been added to CVS. Checkout the module 'vpx3224', or get the snapshot. This module has patches to let it live in the kernel.

January 21, 2004 : Perry's work has reached a point that could be considered stable. The extraneous dependencies on deprecated I2C features have been resolved. Quite a bit of code cleanup has been done, and nothing seems to be broken. CVS has been updated, and a snapshot will be available on the download page.

Christmas, 2003 : Perry Gilfillan has updated the drivers to compile on the 2.4.23 kernel with the latest I2C API. The details of this work are at www.gilfillan.org/v3tv.

2002 and earlier

December 26th : Updated the links and the docs section.

May 31th : Due to a small change in linux 2.4.5, v3tv would not compile. Joergen Pihlflyckt has fixed this, so go checkout the latest cvs or download the latest tarball from the download section.

February 15th : Webpage and documentation updated. Joergen Pihlflyckt has probably fixed the IRQ hang. Way to go Joergen.

January 29th : We are still fighting hard to solve the stability issues and getting capture to work. The major problem seems to be a fight between our V3TV drivers and the X4 driver wanting to access to the board at the same time. As if this wasn't enough, the tdfx driver also makes fun with the Voodoo memory, so that capture only works in some resolutions.

January 25th : A lot of changes have been going on in the CVS lately. The v3tv modules now compiles seperately and the basic implementation for doing mmap has been added. The Voodoo cards now gives an interrupt every time it receives a frame. The video device now supports a read, but this seems to only work on X3. The latest changes have introduced some stability issues especially on a SMP box, but this is being worked on.

January 25th : Web page finally moved to SourceForge. SourceForge seems to have a lot of problems with LDAP, which results in new users not getting ssh/cvs access.

January 16th : First version of the web page created.